Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Purple thing!

Purple thingHere's another odd photo (right). In this (recently taken) winter scene you can see a bush over water with no leaves, just a tangle of branches. But in front of it is a wispy patch of purple. And just above it is a glowing orangey circle (some might call it an orb).

The combination of branches and the purple area might vaguely suggest a human figure, if you can see the orb as a head and branches as limbs! Thus, it could be seen as a ghost by some people. It is, however, more a ghost of the movies, vaporous and insubstantial, than real life. When ghosts are reported by witnesses they usually look like perfectly normal human figures. It is often only when the ghost does something impossible, like vanish, that witnesses realize that what they're seeing isn't a normal person. I always think it odd that popular opinion on ghosts is so heavily based on fiction rather than fact. There can be few other subjects where this is the case.

The purple area in this photo is actually lens flare while the orangey orb is caused by an insect. The photo is one of several taken at the same time. This is is the only one where the orb happens to be directly above the purple area, suggesting a 'head'. Given that the orb and purple area have separate causes, this photo is an interesting example of a coincidence giving rise to an anomalous photo. The odds are not as big against getting this combination as you might think because both photographic artefacts owe their existence to the camera facing the sun, which is just above the frame.

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