Wednesday, 4 March 2015

IFO becomes UFO

AircraftMy first thought was that it was an aircraft. The object was flashing intermittently in the sky, near the horizon, one early sunny morning recently. I have often seen planes glint as they turn, reflecting the sun. Due to the angles involved, I think it can only happen when the plane is near the horizon around sunrise or sunset. Such flashing could certainly give rise to UFO reports as the plane is often at a long distance so that it can't be heard.

I expected the flashing object, as a plane, to move but it remained stationary in the sky. I was puzzled and the object changed, in my mind, from IFO to UFO! It was not easy to see what exactly was going on because that area of the sky was partly obscured by the branches of a tree. Nevertheless, lengthy examination eventually revealed that the flashing light was stationary just below a very tall crane! It was evidently some kind of shiny, probably metallic, object suspended from the crane, rotating slowly and reflecting the sun. I couldn't see any more detail, such as what the object was exactly, because I did not have any binoculars with me. Had it been a little misty I might not have seen the crane at all, only the flash, and not found out what the UFO was at all.

I have come across many cases where investigators have correctly concluded that an anomalous report has a xenonormal explanation. However, as in this case, their proposed natural explanation was actually wrong. I think it is important that we do not stop investigating a case simply because we've concluded it is not anomalous. It is crucial to understand the real cause of the observed phenomenon because the same explanation may apply to other cases. And, as in this case, it might something rather unusual that would not normally occur to an investigator.

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