Wednesday, 29 April 2015

UFO behind trees

UFO behind treesOK, this is what I see. You may see something different. Around the middle of the photo there is clearly an object behind the bare branches of a tree. But what is it? To me it is a 'classic' flying saucer. It's slightly ironic as UFOs seem to come in many shapes these days and the ' flying saucer' variety is no longer common.

This flying saucer, for those who see it, is clearly a misperception. Like all misperceptions, it is caused by not seeing an object clearly. In this case it's the intervening tree and small size of the object causing the problem.

OK, so here's the weird bit. In misperception, our brains substitute a poorly-seen object with something from our visual memory. But I've never seen a flying saucer! Even with my poor memory, I'd definitely remember something as amazing as that. So the object in my visual memory, being used here, can only have come from representations I've seen in movies, TV programmes, books or wherever. Most of these never claimed to be anything other than purely fictional. Now I have always assumed that images from sources not seen in real life by the witness can be used in visual substitutions. I assumed this because it made sense of many case reports. However, I now have definitive personal evidence that it really happens.

The object here is actually a large bird, gliding. Without the trees in the way it would be more obvious. I see a distinct dome on the top of the object, which you may not. It will depend a lot on your visual display. That dome shape is actually caused by the way the branches bend! The 'dome' is no longer present in another photo, taken just after this one, where the bird is lower down in the sky. Such domes are, of course, typical of flying saucers from movies. It confirms to me that you can misperceive something even if you've never seen it in real life before, only in the movies.

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