Monday, 11 May 2015

Brilliant daytime UFO

Venus in treesIt was star-like but very bright. Although it was broad daylight, the object in the sky was brilliant. It was stationary, and below the level of the clouds. Though mostly constantly bright, it occasionally flashed. At first I had no idea what this brilliant daytime UFO might be.

I was sitting in a train, gazing idly out of the window waiting for departure, when I noticed the UFO. It was the same station and situation as when I saw the ghost in the white hat (see here). And this UFO, it turned out, had the same cause as that apparition. It was actually a reflection in the window through which I was looking.

Though I'd worked out quite quickly the cause of the UFO, I couldn't find the object being reflected for quite a while. Simply looking behind me didn't help! I needed to trace through the angles. The object had to be high up to appear to be in the sky from where I was sitting. Maybe it was a real UFO after all! Finally, I found it. It was the sun being reflected in the windscreen of a car high up in a multi-storey car park. And the flashing effect was caused by a tree between me and the car. Its leaves were blowing in the wind, sometimes obscuring the bright light briefly.

Could someone else really have thought this object was a UFO? Well, when I first saw it, I genuinely thought it was something in the sky. If the train had moved off straight away, I might still be left with that impression

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