Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Unlike a rhinoceros ...

Swan"Unlike a rhinoceros ..." Just about everything is unlike a rhinoceros so it's difficult to predict how that sentence will end. Frustratingly, we will never know. The sentence was heard by my acquaintance (MA) who gets MWR (microsleep with REM - see here), a condition usually associated with certain sleep disorders. It was the only thing MA can remember of the MWR. It was uttered by an unknown authoritative-sounding voice just as the MWR ended. Such MWRs could, to those who don't know what they are experiencing, be interpreted as paranormal incidents.

One of the most extraordinary things about MWRs happens when several occur in quick succession, just minutes or even seconds apart. MA reports that the content of each MWR in the series has a completely different (dream) content. So, sitting in a chair reading, perhaps, MA may hear a voice saying something, followed by a completely different voice, in a subsequent MWR just seconds later, talking about another topic entirely. Or MA might be briefly 'transported' to somewhere else, 'return' briefly and then 'go' to a completely different place. In reality, MA goes nowhere physically, of course, they are just micro-dreams.

Successive MWRs in any one sequence seem always to be of the same type. The main types are voices or being transported elsewhere. A rarer type is hypnagogic where real scenery, present in front of MA, has dream elements, like ghostly figures, added into it (for example a ghost on train).

When most people dream, they do so only after being asleep for some time. They may typically experience 3 to 5 dreams in a night. With MWRs there appear to be no limit to the number of dreams that can occur in rapid succession. And, astonishingly, each such dream has completely different content. This means that our brains are apparently capable of producing entirely different dreams in seconds. MA says it's like switching channels on a TV. It implies that our brains have a whole series fully 'scripted' dreams ready to go, instantly. It makes you wonder where all these dream scenarios are stored. And why.

I've not come across anyone reporting a series of bizarre, and different, experiences in short succession. But if someone were to experience this phenomenon how might they interpret it, assuming they weren't familiar with MWRs? The 'voices' type MWRs could be interpreted as 'spirit messages', perhaps. It wouldn't be possible to talk to such 'voices' because, in doing so, the person would come out of the MWR state. Anyone experiencing the 'transported elsewhere' MWRs might think they were being repeatedly teleported, possibly by aliens. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has come across any anomalous accounts that sound similar to this.

PS: And the photo? Well, it's unlike a rhinoceros.

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