Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Door closing ghost

ShadowI mentioned in a previous post that the 'door ghost' appears to have vanished in recent weeks (see here). Well, it's back! I saw it on a dull day which lends support to my idea that the ghost doesn't appear on bright sunny days. Lighting is so important in misperception.

Talking of doors and ghosts, I recently found a door ajar. This would be as dull as it sounds were it not for the fact that I was alone in the locked building where it happened and I ALWAYS keep that door fully open. I have three theories. Firstly, it was a ghost. Secondly, I closed the door myself without remembering it. This sort of automatic action ('automaticity') could account for some incidents where objects are found to have apparently moved by themselves in haunting and poltergeist cases. However, the third theory is the one I'm going with.

The door apparently closing by itself corresponded with a rare coincidence. There was a window open in the same room as the door, it being summer. But, in addition, there was another window open elsewhere in the building that is rarely opened. I think an air current was set up between the two windows that partly closed the door. The effect may well depend on wind direction.

I've mentioned before that coincidences can be important in producing such xenonormal events. Unfortunately, such coincidences are often missed in investigations. Taking this incident as an example, how many people would remember, after the event, that the two windows were open at once? Or, if they did, would they consider the fact significant? And would they remember if it was windy?

The lesson for investigators is always to be on the lookout for anything unusual or different that was happening at the same time as a reported strange event. The unusual thing may not, at first, appear to have any relationship with the reported strange incident. But one may, indeed, explain the other.

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