Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Solstice ghost?

ShadowRegular readers will be aware of my regular sightings of the 'door ghost' (see here for background). Oddly, I haven't seen it recently. I have neither been trying to see it nor avoiding it. The ghost just seems to have disappeared, at least for now.

So I was rather taken aback recently when a shadow appeared behind me when I was in the 'door ghost' position. It wasn't the door ghost itself but the shadow of someone just behind me. There had been no one there seconds before and I'd not heard anyone approach. I looked round but there was still no one there. So, a ghost perhaps.

The shadow turned out to be from a nearby bush. The shadow resembled that of a person even though the bush didn't look like a human figure from where I stood. The effect was no doubt due to the angle of the sun. So why hadn't I noticed this ghostly shadow before?

Firstly, the bush only casts a shadow in that area when the sun is at a particular high angle. Secondly, the bright summer sun produced a particularly intense shadow making it very noticeable. The 'human/ghost shadow' effect can, therefore, only happen at certain times of the day during a few days in summer, near the solstice. The high angle of the summer sun may also be why the door ghost is currently absent.

This illustrates, once again, why it is essential to duplicate lighting conditions when investigating sightings of anomalous phenomena. This could be a problem if, as in this case, the right conditions only occur for a few days a year!

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