Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ghost in a hazmat suit

Bush tree ghostRecently, on a birding trip in the countryside, I happened to turn round to see where I'd just been. I was shocked to see a large, peculiar-looking human figure nearby. I was surprised because there had been no sign of anyone just seconds before. It is possible, I suppose, that the person had emerged from nearby vegetation, though unlikely. Even more of a surprise was that the figure then disappeared! So, a ghost then! But most unnerving of all was that the figure appeared to be wearing a hazmat suit!

I studied the place where the figure had appeared closely. I have made a rough picture of it (right). The rectangular object in the foreground is the trunk of a conifer tree. The object behind is a bush leaning over heavily, as illustrated. In a brief glance, the lower bit of the bush and the trunk of the tree resemble legs. The upper bit of the bush, gave the impression of an arm sticking out. There was another bush (not illustrated) behind and to the right of the trunk. It gave the impression of another arm matching the one on the left. Just above the 'arms' a dark shadow fell across the conifer trunk giving the impression of a face covered by a dark mask or visor, hence the notion of someone in a hazmat suit.

It was, of course, a glance misperception. However, it was an unusually graphic one. The 'figure' looked much moire realistic than my crude picture suggests so that it still resembled a menacing figure even when I was no longer misperceiving. It rates as the scariest ghost I've seen to date! That's not because I thought it was a ghost - I don't usually find them scary. It was because I thought I was watching a real person wearing a real hazmat suit. None of the situations I can think of where that might occur are ones where I'd like to be present.

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