Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Alien robot 2

InsectAs I opened the door I was annoyed to realize a fly had come in with me. It buzzed around crashing into various closed windows. I've wasted my time before vainly trying to coax insects towards open windows, using bits of paper, so I decided not to bother trying again.

As I moved around the locked empty building, minding my own business, I noticed the solitary fly seemed to find me every time, after a minute or two. So, as an experiment, I opened one window, all the others being firmly shut. I then wandered around the building for a while and the fly duly followed. Finally, I returned to the open window and within a couple of minutes the fly turned up. After having a go at a couple of nearby closed windows first it found the open one and left!

All of this reminded me that I'd said I would look out for intelligent insect behavior, just in case it was a disguised alien robot sent to look at the Earth (see here). So was this insect displaying unusually intelligent behaviour, following me round to find an open window? I don't think so. How could it have known I was going to open a window? Well it could have scanned my brain, if it really was an advanced alien robot bee. But if it had that kind of technology, I'm sure it could have found the open window by itself. I think it more likely that it was an ordinary terrestrial insect attracted to me by some odour or other. Interestingly, the fly never actually landed on me, or even nearby. It just turned up in my vicinity and then tried to escape through all the windows nearby. But the fly failed to find the open window until I stood by it.

I have had more thoughts about detecting alien robot insects. Would they really display unusual behaviour? If they did, wouldn't that give the game away if they were meant to be acting covertly? Strange insect behaviour is more likely to be a sign of intoxication (see here). I think we're going to need a much more subtle test for alien robot insects, assuming they exist. In the meantime, at least I now know how to get rid of flies from a building.

PS: For an explanation of the unusual insect photo, see here.

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