Monday, 3 August 2015

Same ghost, same location, not misperception

Crows in a treeMy acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM (MWR) experiences recently realised something interesting. ALL, as far as MA can recalll, of the speech MWRs have occurred when MA was reading. At all other times visual MWRs occur. This seems unlikely to be a coincidence. Interestingly, none of the speech heard ever seemed to relate to what was being read. Nevertheless, it raises the intriguing possibility that MWR content may be influenced by what the witness is doing just prior to the episode.  

Now suppose someone who experiences MWRs, but is not aware of their true nature, perhaps believing they are psychic insights, goes ghost hunting. And suppose they knew the exact location and appearance of an apparition that a previous witness had seen. It is not too fanciful to suppose that a MWR might occur featuring an apparition whose appearance might just agree with the previous sighting.

This is, of course, a big leap from speech MWRs always coinciding with reading. But we know that ordinary dream content can often reflect our waking experiences so it is not so fanciful. It provides another way, besides misperception, whereby two independent witnesses might see the 'same' ghost at the same location at different times. Of course, it would rely on the second witness knowing in advance what the first witness reported. Sadly, with information about hauntings so freely available on the web these days, that bit is far from fanciful.
PS: I forgot (that bad memory again) that there is already an example of MA having MWR content drawn from recent experience, albeit fictional (here). This obviously adds weight to the idea of a new ghost experience being generated by an old report.

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