Monday, 10 August 2015

White UFO

White UFOI happened to look up, recently, and catch sight of a white object slowly crossing the blue sky. It was only by chance that I noticed it because there was no accompanying sound whatsoever. I could not see what the object was so that made it technically a UFO. Luckily, I had a camera with me so I took several photos of the object, one of which you can see here (right). It looks pretty much like what I saw, an amorphous white blob.

While this photo resembles what I saw with the naked eye, it is actually out of focus. It isn't easy to focus on a tiny object in the sky with a telephoto lens but I managed it in the end. The result is shown below (below right). As you can see, it's an aircraft. I've cropped this photo more tightly than the first one to produce a bigger version of the object but, other than that, both photos are entirely unaltered.

PlaneYou might think that it's not very likely that anyone would not recognise an aircraft and think it a UFO. However, as I said, I genuinely wasn't sure what the object was when I first saw it and I see planes a lot. I suspected a plane but without the help of my camera's telephoto lens, I could not be sure. You might also think that few people would mistake an out of focus object in a photo for a UFO. Well, many UFOs are described as glowing balls of light so it would fit with some people's expectations.

So, suppose someone else had spotted my UFO. They, too, might not have been able to identify it immediately purely with the naked eye. And if they, too, had taken its photo with a telephoto lens, and got a photo like the upper one, they may not have realised it was out of focus.

The reason I couldn't hear the aircraft was because it was flying relatively high. I've no idea of its altitude but it was probably descending towards an airport nearby.

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