Tuesday, 22 September 2015

An unsettling ghost

Hair in front of the cameraWhen I saw an amorphous, misty shape flit behind me it was unsettling. It was not the thought that it might be a ghost - that would have been exciting. No, it is seeing an unknown person in a place where I thought was no one around that was disturbing.

In many ghost sightings witnesses do not even realise they are watching a ghost at the time they see it. It is only afterwards, when the figure disappears, or the witness realizes there could not have been anyone there, that it becomes obvious it was a ghost.

In this latest incident I was looking out of a window. It was twilight outside and the window was partly covered in condensation because of the cold outside. Behind me there was a light on in a different room. I could clearly see the reflection of that room in the window. It was in that reflected room where I saw a dark shape move. At first I was puzzled as there should not have been anyone there at the time. It did indeed appear to be a ghost!

I then saw the same thing again and this time I was able to watch it more carefully. I deduced that the shape was actually part of the condensation on the window. It was partly obscuring the otherwise clear reflection of the lit room behind. The movement was caused by me! As I moved slightly, it made the area of the reflected room obscured by condensation move too. This gave the appearance of a dark, misty amorphous shape flitting around in the room behind.

Most ghost reports describe perfectly normal looking people who just happen to disappear or be in places where they should not be. Misty ghosts tend to be more typical of anomalous photos, where the explanation is often the photographer's own breath on a cold night (see here). So it is interesting to have an example of a misty ghost not involving photography!

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