Monday, 14 September 2015

UFO in clouds

UFOHere's a photo (right) of a UFO I took recently. The object, resembling a fuzzy brown pillar, appears to be emerging from a cloud. So what is it?

Well, I suppose it could be an alien spacecraft floating among the clouds, its fuzzy appearance perhaps due to an unknown exotic propulsion method. Or maybe it is in the act of materializing in our atmosphere from some kind of teleportation. Or perhaps not.

The truth is more prosaic. UFOs are sometimes discovered in photos when nothing odd was noticed at the time of exposure. This is similar to what happens with a great many ghost photos. Whenever this happens, it is always useful to look at photographic artefacts for an explanation (see here).

Leaf UFOThis object in this photo is actually a leaf (photo right). It was caught in a spider's web and blowing around in the wind. It is blurry because, being much closer to the camera than the trees or clouds, it is out of focus. The position apparently in the clouds is fortuitous. In fact, I took a great many photos and selected this one deliberately because of how it looked. Most of the others look more like an out of focus leaf. But, of course, if this is the only photo someone took of the UFO they might not get those useful comparison shots.

One interesting point about this UFO is that it appears to be among the clouds but is, of course, much closer. It can be difficult to judge how far an object really is away from the camera.

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