Monday, 19 October 2015

Life suddenly goes into fast forward!

Crows in a treeLooking out of a train window recently a witness experienced something extraordinary. The train was stopped at a station but suddenly the witness felt they were moving. But out of the window the station was still there. It was not one of those experiences of false movement when a train on an adjacent track is moving. There was no other train present.  

It suddenly became apparent that the train really WAS moving, despite appearances to the contrary. But the strangest bit was this. The scenery briefly went by much FASTER than the speed of the train. It appeared to be catching up with reality! It was like watching a recording in fast forward mode. So what is going on?

Regular readers will probably be unsurprised to know the witness was my acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM (MWR) experiences. MA goes straight into a dream state during microsleep episodes that last just seconds. Being awake before and after means that the dream episode can feel very much like a waking experience. A small proportion of the general population, typically with certain sleep disorders, have such experiences.

What appears to have happened is that MA went into a MWR while the train was stopped at the station. As the train moved off MA was actually seeing a dream version of the station, indistinguishable from the real thing. The motion of train probably stirred MA out of the MWR. On coming out of the MWR MA's brain had a conflict between live visual input, showing the train moving, and the MWR showing a stationary scene. In order to reconcile the two MA's brain did a 'fast forward' of the scene to catch up with reality. It could simply have 'jumped ahead' but presumably decided that a fast forward was more 'realistic'! The way such sensory conflicts are resolved by our brains leads to apparently strange experiences that nevertheless appear realistic. It is easy to see why they would be interpreted as paranormal.

I can't think of a paranormal report exactly like this incident. However, it is easy to see how such an incident could be viewed as paranormal, or possibly the effect of alien technology, by a witness. It could even be seen as a manipulation of time or space. It is certainly something to consider when people report bizarre time or space distortion effects.

"The point is, we're in a little trouble if you don't ..." This was the latest snippet overheard by MA during a separate purely aural MWR incident. It is typically frustrating. Is the speaker actually talking to MA, or a third party? What has MA, or a third party, not done? Not least, what is the trouble? Intriguingly, the 'my point is' phrase implies that we are coming in at the middle of a conversation even though it is all MA heard. Remember that all this content comes from MA's own brain. So are these scenes being played out unconsciously before MA hears them or do they simply appear as if they have already started? What ius certain is that they could easily give the impression of having originated outside MA's brain.

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