Thursday, 19 November 2015

Paranormal object movement

Moving letterParanormal object movement is sometimes reported in haunting cases. It sounds highly dramatic and, if real, obviously paranormal. However, in many such incidents the objects are found somewhere other than where they were left. Importantly this means that no one actually saw them moving. It is, therefore, quite possible that there are non-paranormal reasons for the object turning up in an unusual place. Seeing objects actually flying through the air is very unusual indeed.

All of this explains my reaction when I recently saw something move for no obvious normal reason. I was completely stunned! I was approaching a pile of recently delivered letters when I saw the top one move, in plain view, several centimetres towards me. Given that the letter was lying flat, and there was no draught, I could see no obvious normal reason why this letter should move. It was like something out of a movie about poltergeists.

Cautiously, I approached the letters. There were three, including the one that moved. They were on a flat floor directly below the letter box. I picked up the letter that had moved and examined it but I could see nothing strange about it. I then looked at the letter below. It was strongly folded so that it had a pronounced triangular cross section (blue object in picture above). Suddenly it was possible to imagine what had happened. The 'moving' letter (red object in picture above) would have started in an unstable position perched on top of the 'triangular' one below when the two fell from the letter box. At some stage, inevitably, the 'moving' letter would have slipped down the slope to a more stable position. That's what I caught it doing.

The real puzzle is why the letter appeared to move horizontally, towards me, across a flat floor. Trying to reproduce the effect, I found that viewed directly from above (as I did in my initial observation) the slope was not obvious. Furthermore, I think that when something unusual happens completely unexpectedly we may often fail to observe vital details that could help explain it. If I had not been able to physically examine the pile of letters at the time I might still wonder if I'd seen genuine paranormal object movement. It certainly felt like it at the time!

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