Monday, 23 November 2015

Strange object photographed

Strange lightI took this odd photo (right) recently. It is a crop of a larger photo but otherwise is entirely unedited. So it's not any kind of manipulation. It looks like a transparent cylinder with bright spiral lines attached but it's definitely not a camera strap. Nlote how big the object looks compared to the bricks behind. So what is it?

The effect is all down to the rather unusual way I took the photo. The camera was inside a clear plastic bag. I did that to protect it from water and dirt found in the location being photographed. Surprisingly, in many of the photos taken with this arrangement everything looked reasonably sharp with just a few slightly hazy areas. These bits could easily have been mistaken for condensation on the lens.

The 'object' is actually a reflection from the light source, a torch, on the plastic bag. The transparent plastic was a centimeter or two in front of the lens. I think that the strange shape derives from the curved surface of the plastic bag.

OK, people don't normally take photos like this, though they might on occasion. What this photo shows is the kind of strange images that can be produced by curved transparent surfaces in front of a liens. It is worth thinking about when examining similar anomalous photos.

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