Monday, 9 November 2015

The invisible soundproof barrier

VigilI will freely admit, I've occasionally doubted if interactive ghosts even exist. This may be because I've never been involved in such a case personally. However, there are enough credible reports around to suggest they do.

Interactive ghosts are those that appear aware of the witness and might even interact with them. While many ghosts in the movies seem to be interactive, real life examples appear to be distinctly thin on the ground. Typically, ghosts appear as normal human figures that, though they may interact with the scenery they inhabit, usually don't seem aware of the witness watching them. So I was intrigued by a recent experience of my acquaintance (MA) who experiences MWRs (microsleep with REM).

The incident occurred on a train which MA was travelling on. A woman sitting adjacent, a stranger, started talking to MA. Unable to hear what she was saying, MA leaned towards her. She also leaned towards him. But, though her mouth was clearly moving, no words could be heard. It was as if there was an invisible soundproof barrier between them. It was at this point that MA started to find the experience unnerving! Then, suddenly, the woman was no longer there. There was no one at all sitting in the adjacent seat. MA realised it had been just another MWR experience. MA noted the typical feelings associated with coming out of a MWR when the woman vanished.

The experience is particularly interesting because the ghost / human figure appeared to interact with MA. Not only did the ghost appear to be addressing MA personally but even leaned over to assist communication! The fact that MA could not hear the woman, even when leaning in, is distinctly odd. But when you realise that MWRs are basically dreams, albeit sometimes projected onto real scenery, odd behavior can be expected. To anyone experiencing MWRs who did not understand their origin, the 'silent speech' aspect will probably have just added to the impression that the experience was paranormal.

This incident suggests that MWRs can generate reports of interactive ghosts. Some interactive ghosts reports could also be generated by hallucinations, such as hypnogogic phenomena. It is even possible that misperception could conceivably generate a report of an interactive ghost. For instance, suppose a tree is being misperceived as a human figure in poor viewing conditions. If the wind is moving the branches of the tree, it might appear as if the 'figure' is waving at the witness! Clearly, though, such circumstances are likely to be rare. Certainly, the fact that a ghost interacts with a witness does not rule out a xenonormal explanation.

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