Monday, 16 November 2015

Transported to the future?

Crows in a treeRegular readers may wonder why I devote so much space to my acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM (MWR) experiences. It's because these accounts provide a rare source of accurately recorded reports of a near sleep experience that could explain some apparent paranormal reports. It is only by understanding the detail of such experiences that we can hope to accurately identify them when faced with a paranormal case.

Anyway, MA has been having some decidedly odd stuff going on recently. While watching TV, MA was twice suddenly been 'transported' somewhere completely different. It was not a picture on the TV screen, MA was actually THERE in the 'other place'! In both cases, the 'other place' was a deserted urban scene in daylight. However, the two places were completely different and unknown to MA. In each experience, MA was apparently exploring the landscape.

MA has reported these experiences of suddenly being 'transported' elsewhere for a few seconds before. In the past I wondered how they might be interpreted by someone who experiences MWRs without realizing their real non-paranormal explanation. I had thought, perhaps the witness might think they had been teleported somewhere. But thinking about these latest examples, other possibilities occurred to me. One is a spontaneous out of the body experience. However, these usually start with a feeling of leaving the body and seeing it from afar. Then there is the rarely reported phenomenon of spontaneous remote viewing. That certainly looks a likely possibility, but then I had another idea.

It's possible that someone might interpret being apparently 'transported' somewhere briefly as a premonition - a vision of a future event. Premonitions are often reporeted to occur to people in dreams. But a MWR is such a bizarre experience that a witness may well attach much higher significance to it. In addition, it is, in MA's experience, much easier to recall details from MWRs compared with ordinary dreams. So, overall, MWRs are much more memorable than ordinary dreams.

MA will report back if the 'deserted urban scene' experiences actually occur. The experiences sound a little bizarre given how densely populated cities are. However, the suburbs of cities can be surprisingly deserted during working hours and the buildings MA saw could easily fit that sort of area.

I have thought for a while that MWRs can explain some paranormal reports well, particularly certain ghost sightings. But I was puzzled why people weren't reporting being 'transported' as happens to MA. The answer may be that they are but I just didn't recognise them.

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