Wednesday, 25 November 2015

White fuzzy orb!

Daylight orbOrbs have been considered a natural phenomenon by many paranormal researchers for years now. So few people are interested in studying them any more. I am an exception - I am always interested to get a new interesting example. In this recent photo here (right), for instance, a daylight orb was illuminated by the sun, not a flash. The object producing the orb was a fluffy wind-blown seed 'parachute' rather than dust.

Note how this orb has an indistinct edge compared to typical orbs. I believe this is partly because it is overexposed, which is why its interior is featureless. The other factor responsible is, I think, that the 'orb' is actually dozens of smaller orbs overlapping.

Compelling evidence suggests that orbs are actually out of focus highlights (see 'what are orbs'). Such highlights may be a results of bits of dust but they can also be produced by other objects like insects, pollen, seeds or raindrops. With a large object like a seed 'parachute' there will be many highlights, each producing its own tiny orb. All the orbs overlap to produce a big white fuzzy orb.

And this is why I continue to study orbs. There are always new things to find out about them. See here for lots more on this endlessly fascinating subject. But what do orbs have to do with the paranormal, you may ask? It is only by understanding what is NOT paranormal but resembles it (the xenonormal) that we can eliminate it when investigating strange incidents. If someone sent me a photo like this I'd have a good idea what it was!

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