Monday, 14 December 2015

Now it's getting spooky

Crows in a treeOK, this is getting truly spooky now! Regular readers will be aware that I have noted my apparent tendency to see more celebrities, while going about my everyday business, than might seem 'normal'. I calculated that I see about 0.23 per month. I have not been able to discover an average rate for the general population (can anyone help with this?) but that seems high to me,. The latest celebrity was a well-known radio and TV presenter spotted at a concert recently. No, not on stage, in the audience!

But here's where it gets spooky. Back in April I wrote, that (23 April 2015): " I'm expecting my next celebrity in around 4 months! ". Now, of course., 0.23 is just an average, it doesn't mean that celebrities will turn up every four months on cue. Except that, in this case that's exactly what appears to be happening. So, I saw my next celebrity in August (see here). And here we are four months on with the next one, right on time. So is this more than a coincidence?

Could I be deliberately trying to see celebrities every 4 months and not in between? Well, I certainly recalled the celebrity thing at the beginning of the month, wondering if it was going to happen again. However, I subsequently forgot all about it. I haven't made any special efforts to find celebrities .Even if I did, these wouldn't count as the whole point is that I DON'T seek seek them out. Nor have I tried to avoid celebrities. Indeed, most of the time I don't remember the 'celebrity effect' at all. So, it all comes down to me going about my everyday life as normal and simply seeing celebrities when they happen to appear. Which is, currently, every four months!

So, if this bizarre pattern is to continue, I should see my next celebrity in April 2016. If that really happens then it will be truly amazing!

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