Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The crouching ghost

Crows in a treeMA looked down to see a man crouching. Disturbingly, the man was staring up at MA. Even stranger, the man then vanished. So, a ghost then! The incident happened on a train.

MA is my acquittance who has microsleep with REM (MWR) experiences. I have recounted some of MA's bizarre experiences before. This one falls into a group of such experiences where a dream element, the crouching man in this case, is added to a real life scene. It is likely that such scenarios would be reported as ghosts by people who had MWRs but were unaware of their true nature. As in some similar experiences, MA reports that there was an undefinable feeling that something unusual was going on. Aside from that the experience felt completely real.

What was interesting about this latest incident is the apparently strange behaviour of the ghost. MA saw a staring figure on a train before over a year ago (see here). There are clear parallels between the two accounts - both involved silent, still staring ghosts. The big difference is the apparently strange behaviour of the ghost this time - crouching down low for no obvious reason. Unlike the previous experience, MA was not able to describe the man. This may have been because the unusual behavior was distracting. I can see no obvious reason why a ghost should crouch but if anyone knows of other examples, please let me know.

The proportion of strange incidents MA experiences on trains is high. It's more likely because train journeys encourage MWRs than that trains are particularly spooky. Sitting around for long periods, the gentle motion and sound of the train may well be conducive to MWRs in those susceptible to them. Amazingly, MA never misses the train stopping at stations due to MWRs, which is just as well. Maybe it is feeling and/or sound of deceleration.

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