Friday, 22 January 2016

Are ghosts common?

VigilUnlike in the movies, real ghosts don't generally glow, nor are they transparent. They usually look like perfectly normal people. So how do know if you're looking at one? Usually they give the game away when they vanish or do something else that's impossible, like only being visible to certain people in a group of witnesses. But what if they don't do anything unusual? Might ghosts actually be a lot more common than reports suggest?

I already have some evidence in favour of the idea that ghosts are quite common. I've been actively looking for ghosts for decades but only started seeing them recently, after learning about how misperception works. It was as if I'd unconsciously given myself permission to see them. Since then I've had dozens of sightings, many described in this blog.

I was prompted to think about this matter by seeing a couple of candidates recently that COULD have been ghosts. One was a man dressed like he was from the 1930s that I saw in a shop. I tried to work out if other people could see him but he never really interacted with anyone. There is, of course, a problem here. If no one interacted with him was it because he was invisible to them or that they just failed to notice him? It is quite staggering how people will fail to notice very real, large objects right in front of them. So maybe he WAS a ghost but there was no definite evidence. He might just like dressing that way. Or maybe he was going to a fancy dress party.

The other candidate was someone sitting outside in a howling gale with high winds and rain. It could just be eccentric behaviour, of course, but the figure seemed oblivious to the conditions that had everyone else around seeking shelter. The figure was there for at least half an hour. I looked several times to see if it was still there. Unfortunately, on the last occasion that I looked the figure had gone. So I'll never know if it simply walked away or vanished! I DO know that other people could see this figure because I asked one! Again, it might have been a ghost or just someone who enjoys the sensation of wild weather.

Though my recent observations did nothing to answer the question of how common ghosts really are, my overall experience in recent years suggests they are probably more common than reports suggest.

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