Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Giant glowing pig!

Glowing figureIt is amazing what you can find by minutely studying your photos. Take this example (right), taken recently, for instance. I find it difficult not to see this object as anything but a giant yellow glowing pig standing on its hind legs, looking left. Yes, those really are trees surrounding the object, not twigs! The photos has not been edited in any way except for cropping. So what is this bizarre thing, photographed on an unremarkable overcast day in the English countryside?

The answer is that it is a rock face. The next photo (below left) shows exactly the same rock face from a different angle taken just one year (minus one day) before. The area shown is part of the top section of the 'pig's head'. This photo has been modestly enhanced (sharpened and brightness reduced) to bring out the detail of the rock face. The photo was taken from nearer to the rock face than the original photo in sunny conditions.

Pig faceSo how did the giant glowing pig photo arise? The 'pig' appears to glow and show almost no internal detail because it is overexposed. Such overexposure is quite common where you get a mixture of small bright objects against a dark background. The pig shape, including the snout, ears and neck, is largely the result of tree branches surrounding and crossing in front of the rock face.

OK, so no one is likely to report a photo of a giant glowing pig (though who knows) but what if the object had, instead, been the size and shape of a human figure? It might easily have been reported as a photo of a ghost. Reports of real-life glowing ghosts are extremely rare. However it is quite a common portrayal of ghosts in movies so it is an understandable interpretation.

So, if you see a photo of a glowing figure, possibly reported as a ghost, it would be worth checking for overexposure. Other photos of the same scene would be helpful in checking this interpretation.

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