Friday, 29 January 2016

Too strange to be noticed

Ginat glowing pig (not)I recently mentioned (here) that we might be missing many ghosts because they generally look like normal people. But might we also be missing stuff because it is just TOO strange as well? On the face of it, it appears unlikely that people might routinely miss extraordinary sights. But a recent experience of mine suggests that it certainly happens sometimes.

I like to think of myself as a reasonably good observer, mostly because of disciplines learnt through bird watching. I also regularly notice unusual things, probably as a result of my long interest in the paranormal, as I've recorded many times in this blog. But I now have definitive evidence that I've missed at least one strange sight.

Regular readers will recall the photo I took of a 'giant glowing pig' (see here). Well, I happened to return to the same location around a month after taking that original 'pig' photo. I took another photo (right), which still looks like a giant pig to me! But here's the strange bit. This time I SAW the 'pig' with the naked eye before taking a picture. And it looked just the same as in the photo - a giant glowing pig! And someone else present, who I pointed it out to, agreed!

So, how did I manage to take a photo of the 'pig' on the previous occasion without ever noticing it? I think it's a question of expectation. Just as someone visiting a house they know to be haunted will often hear lots of strange noises (some or all of which have mundane explanations), so if you're just out in the countryside, not expecting anything bizarre, you might well not see it when it appears. I think the degree of 'strangeness' may be a factor too. A giant glowing pig imight just be 'too weird' to be noticed! And even if it IS noticed, it will probably be dismissed as something normal, even if the explanation isn't at all obvious.

If this hypothesis is true, one wonders how many truly bizarre things are being missed all the time! Perhaps we're only seeing stuff we 'know' from ghost stories and science fiction movies. Maybe the world is a lot stranger than we imagine.

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