Monday, 4 January 2016

UFO ....

UFOI took this photo (right) recently of a UFO. It was twilight. which is why the image is noisy. As you can see, the object was bright white and star-like in appearance. Indeed it could have been a bright star, or maybe a planet, at first sight, as it appeared to be stationary and silent. However, the sky was overcast so that explanation was unlikely. As if to confirm this, after a few seconds the UFO appeared to start slowly moving rightwards.

Though I had an idea what the object might be, I couldn't be sure based solely on what I could see. So then I took zoomed image (below right), some 6 seconds after the picture above. As you see the single white light is now revealed as something more complex.

In this second image (which has been cropped) there appear to be at least 2 white lights and, crucially, a red one on the right hand side. If we assume the UFO is actually a plane the whole sighting starts to make sense.

UFOThe aircraft (which I believe it was) would have been flying more or less straight towards the observer (me). That's why it appeared motionless in the sky, at first. The white lights are close together and so look like a single light in the distance. And the red light is too close to the white ones to be seen at all until the aircraft gets reasonably close (or when viewed with a telephoto lens). That red light is on the right, meaning it is on the left from the pilot's point of view. This confirms that the aircraft is flying towards the observer as red position lights are on the left wing.

Once again, this shows the value of having a telephoto lens, binoculars or a telescope handy when viewing UFOs. Of course, sadly, this is highly unlikely to happen with most UFO sightings.

Incidentally, the plane was silent because it was at a highish altitude. In addition, there was a very noisy main road nearby, drowning out all but loud noises.

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