Friday, 12 February 2016

Ghost in odd pose?

CrowSitting on a moving train recently, I noticed an odd figure in an otherwise deserted urban allotment. It looked female but I was too far away to be sure. Two things struck me as strange. Firstly, the figure was wearing garish clothes. Secondly, it was leaning over a fence in a way that looked distinctly uncomfortable. I wondered if the person might be tending some plants over the fence. While this was possible, it seemed an odd, and quite possibly painful, way to work. I wondered if it might be an example of an unlikely figure that was actually a ghost in plain sight. I wrote about this possibility recently (here). So, a ghost then!

Seeing something weird from a train is frustrating. There is no possibility of getting out to have a closer, more prolonged, look. Luckily, in this particular case, the train got closer to the figure before leaving it behind. So I was able to examine the ghost closely and it was indeed a human figure! It just wasn't a human!

The figure was actually a rather lifelike scarecrow. I've never seen one in an allotment before which is why it never occurred to me as a possible explanation. Had the journey been at twilight, instead of in the afternoon, I'm sure I would still think it was either a person or a ghost.

Thinking about it, scarecrows must be an occasional source of ghost reports in country areas, particularly at night. It's obviously something to consider with reports of distant, static ghostly figures. And not just in the countryside! I'm not sure how effective scarecrows are these days at repelling crows. As I've noted before (here), I've come across one population who seem as tolerant of human presence as street pigeons.

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