Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Identifiable ghosts with a xenonormal cause!

Crows in a treeMA (my acquaintance who experiences MWRs - microsleeps with REM) heard the voice quite distinctly. The problem was, no one present had said anything. MA quite often hears voices that are not audible to others present when experiencing a MWR. The big difference on this occasion was that the voice was recognisable. It belonged to another person who was present in the room at the same time. But that person never said anything! What is more, they was our of sight round a corner at the time MA 'heard' their voice.

At first sight this may not seem remarkable., given that MWRs contain dream elements. MA had already identified the experience as a typical MWR, generally recognized by the 'waking up' phase at the end. But MA had never heard a recognisable voice before, only the speech of strangers.

MWRs are basically short hypnogogic experiences. They feel more real than most hypnogogic experiences because they are so short that they often 'blend in' with real experiences going on at the same time. What usually happens, according to MA, is that the scene will be, essentially, the real one in front of MA at the time when the MWR started. But additional non-real elements may be overlaid on this real scene, such as a human figure or voices. But these figures or voices are always those of strangers - until now.

What this shows is that MWRs can use real objects (or people), even when they are not in the original scene, as part of the experience. Naturally, this makes the experience seem all the more real, even though it is not.

I think there are parallels here between MWRs and misperception. In misperception, ghostly figures seen are also always (in my experience) strangers. I think they are archetypical human figures rather than real remembered people. Their features are also heavily influenced by the object being misperceived. In MWRs there are clearly no such restrictions so I guess real remembered people, or in this case their voices, can be used. Perhaps here we have a mechanism whereby real identifiable people may be experienced as ghosts in a xenonormal experience.

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