Friday, 19 February 2016

It's back and more disturbing

ShadowThe door ghost (the door what?) is back and looking more slightly disturbing than before. In the latest sighting, the ghost looked bigger, darker and closer than ever, all of which was unsettling considering there was no one there. The incident also drew my attention to something curious I'd failed to notice before. I hadn't seen the door ghost for weeks, since last year, in fact. It is the longest gap in appearances since I first saw the ghost. Coincidence or clue?

Looking carefully at the ghost, at the time of the sighting, I realised it was being caused by my arm, rather than my hand as in previous appearances. This would explain its larger, darker, more shadowy presence. I could not even see my hand. The reason was that I was at a slightly different angle to the usual one in which I approach this particular door. Thinking back, I realised I'd been taking this slightly different route for a while, probably for as long as the time the ghost was not being seen.

So the new angle of approach to the door, which means I don't see my hand, would explain the ghost's disappearance. And its reappearance only happened when my whole arm became visible which requires an unusual, rather extreme version of my new angle of approach. Once again this case illustrates how misperception is incredibly sensitive to the exact conditions of a sighting. In this case, a few tens of degrees in direction made the difference which one of two different versions of a ghost I saw or whether I even saw it all.

I haven't visited the door since this last sighting so it will be interesting to see if the ghost reappears. And if so, which version.

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