Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Pig becomes a horse

Rock facePig faceRegular readers may recall the 'giant glowing pig' (see here) from a couple of months ago (pic left). Well, I've been back to the same area again and taken some more photos. The new picture (right) was taken from a similar location to the earlier ones. However, the yellow shape is quite different and certainly does not resemble a pig. It could be a rearing horse, I suppose, but that may be pushing it. So why does the shape look so different?

The original glowing pig was photographed on two occasions, about a month apart. On the second occasion the 'pig' was plainly visible to the naked eye, as well as in the photo. This third photo was taken about a month further on. The 'pig' was no longer obvious to the naked eye though the 'glowing shape' as. What had changed in this third month?

It was still winter when the latest photo was taken so there was no new growth of tree leaves that could account for the change. One possibility as that the photo was taken from a slightly different position. But the 'pig' shape appeared to be visible from a range of locations before and not at all on the latest occasion. Also, comparing the two photos they appear to be taken from only a slightly different angle. The big difference seems to be the green area about half way down the left side of the 'horse/pig'. There appears to be more of this dark green area than there was before. I think it is probably ivy on the rock face that contains the 'horse/pig' shape. It has been an unusually mild winter here in the UK and it seems as if the ivy, or whatever it is, has grown a lot in the past month.

What does all this have to do with anomalous phenomena? It shows how strange shapes, some even resembling human figures or animals, can be formed naturally in photos. It also shows how such shapes can change drastically over time so that investigations of a sighting may be too late to reveal the true cause of the original anomalous photo.

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