Friday, 4 March 2016

Strange brown blob!

Brown blobI have mentioned before that on the very rare occasions when someone sees something anomalous and gets a photo of it, the resulting picture is generally nothing like what the witness saw. That's how this odd photo (right) happened.

I took the photo because I noticed something strange and wanted to capture it visually. However, what you see in the photo is not what I saw at the time. I can't actually recall precisely what I saw then but it was certainly not the brown blob visible here. Instead, I saw something moving in a field and thought it might be a rabbit or hare. When I looked closely at the field I saw nothing but the grass tussock visible in the background of the picture. So maybe it was a ghost hare! Note that the photo is completely unedited apart from cropping.

Looking at the photo, I suppose the brown blob could just be a fast moving rabbit. Except it isn't. Prolonged viewing of the scene at the time revealed the brown object to be the seed head of some long grass much closer to the camera than the tussock. The reason it looks fuzzy is because it is out of focus. That is also why you can't see (depending on your screen) the supporting stem under it.

A lot of reported anomalous photos are of oddities not seen by the photographer at the time of exposure. This tends to point to a likely explanation of photographic artefact. With the small numbers of photos that are of oddities actually seen by the photographer at the time, the resulting photo often shows something quite different. This tends to point towards misperception as a likely explanation.

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