Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Double UFO photo

Grey sky UFOsPhotos containing multiple UFOs are surprisingly common. I find it surprising because seeing even one UFO is an unusual thing. But, then, I suppose there's no real reason why UFOs should not appear in groups.

Anyway, here's a UFO photo (right) I took recently. Apart from being cropped, the photo is completely unedited. It shows two somewhat fuzzy objects against a grey sky. The objects look, to me, like white circles, or spheres, with a dark ring around their middles. Overall they resemble the planet Saturn in appearance. So what are they?

The first thing to say is that 'fuzzy' is the key word here. The objects are out of focus. It is difficult to get small moving objects in the sky in focus using autofocus. I did succeed in getting these objects in focus in another photo which showed that they are, in fact, gulls.

So why do birds look like circles with a dark ring? The 'ring' effect is caused by their wings, which are grey, which contrasts with their white bodies. The circular shape arises from the birds being severely out of focus. It is surprisingly how often out of focus objects feature in anomalous photos. In this case, the lack of any other objects in the photo to compare with makes it difficult to appreciate just how blurry these objects really are.

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