Friday, 6 May 2016

Invisible book?

Crows in a treeSomething odd happened. My acquaintance (MA) who gets MWRs (microsleep with REM) noticed a sudden change in the scene ahead. MA was sitting reading a book. Nothing strange there except that, seconds before, MA could see things behind the book which were now obscured by it, despite having not moved the book. Had the book temporarily become invisible?

The key here is that MA 'woke up' from a MWR at the point the book 'changed'. It is clear that, in the MWR, the book was made to appear to be lying horizontal, allowing MA to view the scene behind it. In reality, however, the book was always physically in the vertical position, blocking any such view.

MA often goes into MWRs while reading. And any book MA might be holding often falls down in the process. So when MA comes out of the MWR, the book is lying horizontal. What appears to have happened here is that MA's brain simulated the usual result of this experience in the MWR even though it had not physically happened.

MA cannot remember the details of the background scene revealed by the 'invisible book' but recalls it looked totally normal. So it was probably a reasonably faithful reproduction of the actual scene that MA would be very familiar with, taken from memory. In the past MA has seen objects not physically present inserted into a scene during a MWR, like the train ghost incident. This appears to be the first example of an object physically present being 'removed' by a MWR!

All of this shows how an OBE (out oif the body experience) may be manufactured by our brains. Though we are used to seeing the world as it appears from the point of view of our eyes, it is clear that the brain can substantially edit such scenes in suitable circumstances, like a MWR. It can also show show scenes from a different viewpoint, as I've experienced myself in my mini-OBE (see here). Put these abilities together and it is not difficult to see how a brain could manufacture a view from just under a ceiling, showing the viewer prone below.

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