Thursday, 19 May 2016

Shrinking object

 Crows in a treeWhat happens if you are woken from a microsleep with REM (MWR)? Objects could get shrunk, apparently!

My acquaintance (MA) who experiences MWRs has never been woken up from one before. This is hardly surprising as they usually only last a few seconds at a time. However, recently MA was woken by being addressed by someone. The person was holding a strange glowing object up in front of them, apparently for MA to inspect! Then, suddenly, the object was gone. MA realised the 'glowing object' was part of the MWR itself.

Astonishingly, the episode was repeated a few minutes later when MA was once again woken from a MWR by being spoken to. Once again the person was holding out the strange glowing object which duly 'vanished'. Puzzled, MA looked around and found the glowing object. It was a table lamp. And this is where it gets truly weird. The object was identical to the one MA had seen in the MWR, except that it was much larger and further away, though in the same direction. In the MWR the lamp had been small enough to hold in the palm of a person's hand. In reality it was much too big for that. It was clear that the person had never held the lamp at all. Indeed the person did not even hold their hand up. Apart from that, the MWR and real scenes were identical. So what's going on?

MA thinks the lamp covered the same angular size in both views. However, in the MWR MA's brain somehow brought the lamp much closer to the witness. To do that and maintain the same angular size, the lamp had to be considerably 'shrunk' in size so that it could fit in a palm. It is easy to see how such effects could produce experiences interpreted as paranormal. A witness might see a bizarre object which subsequently vanishes. The object may, in fact, be some mundane item nearby which was radically changed in size to appear quite different. The object MA saw didn't look like a table lamp at all at the time. Indeed, had MA not had the experience twice, the true identity of the glowing object would probably never have been established. It seems that MWRs can not only produce apparent time distortions but size distortions too.

The size distortion effect is probably not caused by being woken from a MWR. It probably just allowed the effect to get noticed. It seems that it takes a second or two to come out of a MWR when woken and strange effects continue during that time. Being woken may help the witness remember the details of the MWR more clearly compared to coming out of one normally.

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