Thursday, 9 June 2016

Alternate reality and hauntings

Crows in a treeMy acquaintance (MA) who gets MWRs (microsleep with REM) was watching TV recently and, having had enough, turned it off. Then, seconds later, the TV was back on again, apparently all by itself. What could have caused this weird phenomenon? Some hauntings involve electrical equipment behaving strangely.

A vital clue is that MA recognized the signs of coming out of a MWR just as the TV mysteriously switched itself on again. It became obvious that the TV had never been switched off at all. What had happened was a short MWR which replicated the real view exactly but then added in its own action - MA switching off the TV. This is similar to MA's 'alternate reality' version of MWRs reported recently here. There is a crucial difference, however. In the earlier example MA dropped a book, an involuntary action. In this latest version MA is apparently voluntarily switching off the TV! Anyone who gets MWRs but is not aware of their true nature could easily have interpreted this experience as a haunting phenomenon.

Then, a few days later, MA was riding on a train. Bizarrely MA flicked a bit of paper across the carriage. It was bizarre because MA has never, and would never, do anything like this in a public place. MA then came out of a MWR and realised, with some relief, that the paper incident never really happened. This was significantly different to the TV incident in that MA never had any intention, before the MWR, of flicking a bit of paper.

MA, who is used to MWRs, says this latest variant is disturbing. It is like a little chunk of alternate reality where something happens but then it turns out it didn't really. It feels disorientating. MA is starting to wonder if these MWR experiences are evolving in some way. The 'alternate reality' variation only appeared recently and has now happened several times. Meanwhile other older varieties still occur too. It's as if the MWRs are expanding their repertoire.

Why would MWRs change over time? Maybe there are many natural variants right from the start and MA is simply noticing them as they come along. Or maybe MWRs really do evolve over time. Either way, it suggests that MWRs may be responsible for some astonishing, and incredibly realistic, xenonormal effects.

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