Thursday, 28 July 2016

And now voices with direction ...

Crows in a treeIn another recent experience, MA (my acquaintance who experiences microsleep with REM - MWR) heard a voice saying various things which were, unfortunately, not recorded at the time. What was interesting, however, was that the voice appeared to come from different directions each time it spoke! MA has never heard this phenomenon before. Such solitary voices have, until now, not come from any particular direction in space.

This new 'positional' aspect of MWRs once again makes me wonder if they might be evolving over time. Perhaps MWRs can expand their repertoire, through some unconscious process, over time. Recent novelties have seen 'alternate realities' (see here), the sensation of touch (see here), amplified hearing (see here) and now sound coming from a particular direction in space.

If this IS evolution, in which direction is it going? It seems to me that the direction is towards greater realism in the dream elements of the experience. Apart from the specific feeling of coming out of a MWR, that MA always feels, it may soon be difficult to differentiate MWR experiences from reality! But why should MWRs evolve at all? Ordinary night-time dreams don't become more realistic over time (unless anyone knows different). But MWRs are part dream and part reality. As I've noted from misperception, our brains appear to have a strong tendency to make sense of what they perceive. So that could provide the pressure for MWRs to evolve towards more realistic dream elements.

Suppose there are people out there who experience MWRs but are unaware of their natural origins. And suppose their MWRs have evolved to the point where they appear completely real though still including apparent paranormal elements. Such people could be forgiven for thinking such experiences are genuinely psychic instead of xenonormal!

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