Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ghostly hooded figure

Hooded figureFollowing on from my last two posts, here's another attempt at a photographable misperception, this time from last winter. It is an apparent ghostly hooded figure (pic right). It only looked like a hooded figure briefly when seen in real life. Oddly, in the photo it looks slightly more convincing - to me anyway.

I see a dark brown hooded 'figure', apparently looking downwards to the left. I can't make out a face just a dark shadow. In popular culture hooded ghosts are often portrayed as having a dark area where the face should be. Thus, many people would, I imagine, see this as a classic ghostly figure.

Hooded figures are quite often reported as ghosts. All you need for such a 'figure' is a misperceived tall thin object with a dark area where the 'face' should be. An object like a tree stump, for instance. And that is what this hooded figure really is. The stump is leaning forward causing a shadow to fall on its front. Some vegetation in front of the stump is obscuring the fact that the whole of the front of the stump is in shadow, not just the top bit! Without that vegetation, it would no longer look like a hooded figure. The stump is about the size of a tall human belong. This makes the whole thing a coincidence.

Though the photo resembles a hooded figure, to me at least, I am not misperceiving it as a real figure. It is, therefore, not my goal of photographable misperceived ghost. I think it closer, though, than the 'bigfoot' example from my last post.

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