Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Giant ghost or Bigfoot?

Green ghostIn my last post I said my goal is, one day, to get a photographable misperception of a human figure. I'd like to expand on that idea a bit.

Almost all ghost photos I've examined show something that was NOT seen by the witness at the time of exposure. And even in those few examples where something odd WAS seen by the witness at the time, it was not what appeared in the resulting photo. Clearly, such photos are mainly photographic artefacts caused by such things as long exposure, focus problems, reflections, shadows etc.

What I want to photograph is an object (which is NOT a human figure) that was seen by a witness as a human figure at the time of exposure and still looks like one in the resulting photo. In other words it is a photographable misperception (as discussed in the last post). Given that is "a ghost (or apparition) is a human (sometimes animal) figure, witnessed by someone, which cannot be physically present" (see here for a discussion of this definition) then an object misperceived as a human figure certainly qualifies as a ghost. So, if I could get a photo of such a ghost and it still appeared as a human figure in the picture it would, in effect, be a photo of a genuine ghost!

In the cases where I've seen a misperception ghost and photographed it, the result has always been not much like a human figure. See these examples, here and here, for instance. But there was ONE exception. It is the photo above (right) taken a few months ago. OK I don't actually see the object as a human figure in this photo. However, I can appreciate why it appeared as a real person, at first glance.

One oddity is that the figure would have to be very tall, if real. The 'figure' (a pollarded tree) is about twice the height of a fence just behind which must be at least 2m high! Given its huge size and shaggy appearance I'm surprised I didn't misperceive it as Bigfoot, or at least an ape!

That is the closest I've got so far to my goal. What I really want is an object that still looks like a human figure, if only to me, in the photo. I will keep trying!

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