Thursday, 11 August 2016

And now strange music

Crows in a treeFollowing on from a recent post, my acquaintance (MA) who experiences microsleep with REM (MWR) has had another 'first' and it is extraordinary. Among a series of 'normal' voice 'messages' (see post) MA heard a snatch of music. It was a rock song. There was someone singing but MA can't remember the lyrics. MA was alone in an empty room at the time and there were no radios, TVs or other electronic devices present that could have been the source of the music. At the end of the music, MA experienced the usual feeling that marks the end of a MWR making it clearly the source of the music.

This is the first musical MWR that MA has experienced. But much more interesting is the fact that MA did NOT recognise the song! So where did it come from? One can only assume it came from MA's own brain. This means that the unconscious bit of MA's brain is apparently capable of composing original songs without conscious intervention. MA says the song didn't sound very original. Even so, the idea of a work of art being composed without conscious intervention is intriguing.

MA does not play music but listens to it frequently, including rock. So MA's unconscious brain may be playing with bits of music that MA has heard in much the way a dream is composed by rearranged conscious experiences (see here). Whatever brain process puts together dream narratives may be capable of putting together those strange voice 'messages' discussed in the 3 Aug post. And could it also put together simple remembered musical phrases in different ways to 'compose' an original, if highly derivative, song?

So what might a person who had MWRs, without realizing their natural origin, think of the arrival of such original music, seemingly from nowhere? If that person was a regular composer of music they might simply think it is their normal creative process. And, who knows, maybe some creative processes work like that for people with MWR. But for someone who has never written down a note in their lives, they might think the source of the music is external, somehow. It might, indeed, be interpreted as a paranormal process.

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