Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Figure vanishes!

Crows in a treeI paid little attention to the scene before me until something odd happened. I saw someone standing motionless beside a car. I looked away for literally a couple of seconds and the figure had vanished. There was a house door nearby but not enough time had elapsed while I looked briefly away for the person to reach it. Apart from that there was no nearby cover where the person might have been hidden from view. A ghost then!

Now I have to admit something - I was not wearing my glasses (I have myopia) at the time of the observation. Suddenly, mystified by what I saw, I put my glasses on. At first I could see nobody. Then I saw the person had got into the car and was sitting motionless in the driving seat. It was not easy to make them out from my distance so I'm not surprised I didn't see them without my glasses.

Now, obviously, someone with better eyesight than me would have seen the person in the car, after a while anyway. However, if it had been dark or foggy they too might have thought the figure had simply vanished. And they might have concluded that it was a ghost. A figure vanishing while someone looks away is typical of ghost reports.

This was another case of a coincidence causing a anomaly. The person must have got into the car at exactly the time I looked briefly away and shut the door by the time I looked back. And without my glasses I couldn't seen them in the car. Only when all these events coincided was there any apparent mystery to solve.

I only report this apparently trivial incident because, at the time, I really thought I'd seen a ghost. For someone to vanish so quickly was decidedly strange.

Finally, it's the end of August and, sad to say, I've seen no celebrities this month (see here). Indeed, I haven't even caught myself studying passers-by intently in the last week or so. Maybe my unconscious mind had already given up!

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