Monday, 1 August 2016

It's fame month again!

Crows in a treeSo, here it is again - fame month! Though I failed to see a celebrity in the last fame month, April, I did see one just two weeks later in May (see here). I think two weeks in four months is close enough to qualify as a hit, though others may disagree. What would really get me back on track now would be a hit this month.

Regular readers will know what this is all about. For everyone else, here's a catch up. I had noticed my tendency to see more famous people than I thought was 'normal' - an average of 0.23 per month. But what was really weird was that I appeared to be seeing them at regular intervals, every four months, with the next one due in August 2016. Random events should not occur at regular intervals!

So what non-paranormal explanations might there be for this bizarre phenomenon? There is coincidence, of course, though that looks increasingly unlikely if the 4 month pattern continues. Another possibility I've considered is 'unconscious attentiveness'. By this I mean that unconsciously I am paying more attention to people I pass in the street during 'fame months'. Obviously, I can't make famous people appear when I want to (and I don't seek them out in obvious places like stage doors) but I can make sure I don't miss any that might just be there as I go about my everyday tasks. I'm sure I've walked past several famous people, over the years, without recognising them.

I suppose I could test this 'unconscious attentiveness' idea by trying to describe everyone I've just seen in one particular street. If I'm unconsciously being more attentive, I ought to remember more details than usual. I could repeat this exercise in 'fame months' and non fame months to see if there is a difference. The problem is that I'd need to do these tests randomly without warning, otherwise I may consciously affect the results. Anyway, I will try to see if I can do something to test the idea this month.

I have sometimes wondered if people become more unconsciously attentive when they are told the building they are in is haunted. They may then, without any conscious effort, notice lots of natural background noises that would otherwise be ignored. And these noises could be interpreted as haunting sounds because of the location.

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