Wednesday, 3 August 2016

More strange messages

Crows in a treeMy acquaintance (MA) who experiences microsleep with REM (MWR) is often addressed by voices during MWR episodes. MA will be doing something like reading when a voice is heard saying a few words before a feeling of coming out of a MWR. Here are some recent examples that give a flavour of these 'messages':

I only brought one in because I thought she was perfect.

I have a glorious question going forward tonight.

Newcastle politics 19.

Screeches are off the agenda.

Each of our children are telepathic.

Hold it a day and I'll take it apart.

MA has noted some new points about these 'messages'. For instance, most are in a male voice though some are female. The voices never have a regional or foreign accent. MA has never recognized any of the voices as belonging to real life people. Nor has MA recognized voices from previous 'messages' though this might simply be because they are too brief to remember. One surprising thing is that the 'messages' never appear to go beyond a single phrase or sentence. This may be because MWRs are so short but it seems odd that there are never (so far) multiple sentences. One example above, Newcastle politics 19, sounds as though it may be truncated as there is no verb.

As previously noted, the voices don't appear to be addressing MA but rather sound like one side of a conversation between two other people. As can be seen in the examples above, which all occurred in the space of two days, the 'messages' don't appear to refer to each other, even when they occur seconds apart. Nor do any of the 'messages' appear relevant to MA, despite their origin in MA's own brain. Interestingly, though the voices often occur when MA is reading, none of them appear inspired by what MA is reading.

The subject matter of the 'messages' always appears incomplete. It is like hearing just one sentence out of a longer conversation between third parties. Though the 'messages' make some sense in themselves, without the rest of the theoretical 'conversation' they have only limited meaning. For instance, with Hold it a day and I'll take it apart what exactly is 'it'? One exception to this is the first example I only brought one in because I thought she was perfect. MA had a feeling at the time that the situation being discussed was a job interview. This is similar to the way that we are often aware of the background to a dream, even though there is no visible or audible content in the dream itself to support it.

If a person had MWRs without realizing their natural origin, it would be easy to mistake such 'messages' for psychic communication. But their apparent randomness might go against that interpretation. However, if someone gets enough of these apparently random messages it is inevitable that one will, by chance, eventually appear relevant to that person's life. And it is likely that it is such apparently meaningful 'messages' that the 'receiver' will remember rather than the others.

It is even possible, given that apparent 'evolution' noted in MA's MWRs towards more realism (see here) that the messages may change over time. Maybe they will become more relevant to MA and appear more meaningful. Maybe ...

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