Thursday, 25 August 2016

The wasteful way of sleep

Crows in a treeThe wasteful way of sleep! This musing was heard by MA (my acquaintance who experiences microsleep with REM - MWR) recently. It is interesting because it might be a direct reference to MA's situation at the time. An odd characteristic of all the voice 'communications' until now was that they never appeared to refer to MA. They were more like overheard snatches of one side of a conversation (see here).

Of course, if you listen to enough random messages some are bound to appear relevant to you, even if they are not. So MA then started listening out to see if there are any other examples that appeared personally relevant. And a few days later one appeared. It was a very specific reference to a place that is special to MA. It could just be another coincidence of course.

Considering that the source of the 'messages' is MA's own brain it is actually extraordinary that they seem so random and irrelevant to their own creator. This could, of course, be seem as evidence that they are real communications from outside MA's brain to anyone who does not know how MWRs work.

MA also recently reported that that there were TWO voices in one communication apparently talking to each other! However, it only happened once and MA was not certain that the two voices were actually conversing. Though MWRs are easier than normal dreams to remember, it is still not always easy to recall exact words used. If it happens again then, like the 'relevant' message, I will report it here. Once again the whole phenomenon appears to be 'evolving' in some way (see here for previous discussion).

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