Friday, 14 October 2016

The disintegrating ghost!

ShadowI looked round to view the large man next to me only for the figure to disappear! So, a ghost then. I was at a rock gig, standing in near darkness at the back of the crowd. There was someone to my right, lots of people in front and this large man to my left. Or so I thought.

I had originally seen the man in peripheral vision. He was quite tall and well-built. He appeared to be wearing dark clothing but it was difficult to distinguish colour in the low lighting conditions. Though I was mainly watching the stage, I did occasionally look around at the audience. That's when I noticed the man. It was as I turned to look at him directly that he vanished. But he didn't fade away, instead he seemed to disintegrate bit by bit. All that was left after a couple of seconds was an empty space surrounded by people on three sides. I realised it had been a misperception all along. What I was misperceiving was not a solid object but a pattern of shadows.

I have seen many misperceptions. Usually they seem to blink out of existence in an instant. But this one was very different. Bits of the figure seemed to vanish one by one as I looked directly at them. I think reason it disintegrated, instead of simply vanishing, was that it was a particular strong misperception.

I had no inkling that it was a misperception at all until I turned to look. I was merely aware of the presence of a large man next to me. There are many references in the ghost literature to partial ghostly figures being seen by witnesses. Perhaps at least some of these sightings could actually have been misperceptions!

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