Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Strange green and red glowing circles

Green and red circlesThis photo (right), taken recently, shows some mysterious glowing red and green circles in front of vegetation. These lights were not seen in the actual scene at the time of exposure. So what are these odd anomalies?

Here are some clues. Firstly, it is striking that the two groups of glowing circles are almost identical apart from colour. Secondly, though the circles were not visible in the physical scene at the time, they WERE seen in the camera viewfinder. Thirdly, outside this cropped area of a larger photo there is a bright light source, the sun shining through trees. From these clues it is easy to determine that the glowing circles are, in fact, lens flare.

Lens flare may be obvious to seasoned photographers but not necessarily so to other people who could interpret them as paranormal phenomena. For lens flare, the light source causing it does not need to be in the frame. And though the lens flare often consists of a line of transparent circles, it can come in many odd shapes and sizes, as this photo illustrates.

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