Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The unexpected return of fame month!

Crows in a treeIt was the very last day of 2016. Suddenly, out of the blue, I saw a celebrity - a well-known sportsperson. According to the original 'fame sighting pattern' December is a 'fame month'. However, after missing out in August, the last one, I'd thought the apparent pattern was broken. So, I wasn't even thinking about celebrities at all.

Regular readers will know what this is all about. For everyone else, here's a catch up. I had noticed my tendency to see more famous people than I thought was 'normal' - an average of 0.23 per month. I do not seek out celebrities, I just see them during my normal everyday activities. What is really weird is that, recently, I appear to have been seeing them at regular intervals, every four months. Random events should not occur at regular intervals!

So the recent sightings are as follows: April 2015, August 2015, December 2015, April 2016 (2 weeks late). The expected August sighting never occurred but now there is one in December apparently resuming the previous pattern. I'm even beginning to wonder if maybe I walked near a celebrity in August and simply never noticed them!

Even before this pattern of sightings appeared, I'd been seeing around 0.23 celebrities a month going back many years. The non-appearance last August hardly dents that average. To me, at least, it still seems a high number of sightings for someone who is making no effort whatsoever to seek out the famous. It will be interesting to see what happens in April.

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