Wednesday, 18 January 2017

White shape walks away!

Reflected treeI looked up to see a white shape n the distance. My first thought was that it was a person. But it didn't move so I decided it must be something inanimate, though I wasn't sure what. It was just another case of misperception! But then, completely unexpectedly, the object started moving - walking in fact. It was a real person after all!

It occurred to me that the vast majority of misperceptions I notice are of inanimate objects appearing as human figures or animals. I suspect this is probably typical of most misperception that people notice. A recent example is the RSPCA who apparently get a lot of calls about animals in distress that turn out to be inanimate objects (see here).

So why might misperceptions of inanimate objects as people be more frequently noticed than the other way round? I think it is simply because people (and animals) are more important to us than inanimate objects. It is also less likely that someone would misperceive a person as an inanimate object because people rarely stay still for long.

We all misperceive al the time but very rarely notice it. My experience suggests that most misperceptions that ARE noticed are human figures. And given that they often 'vanish', it is little wonder they get reported as ghosts. They do not really vanish, of course, they simply revert visually to their real form, such as a tree (see here). I suspect misperception may be the biggest xenonormal cause of paranormal reports.

PS: The picture is a tree reflected in a puddle!

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