Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Strange transparent object

Bird ghostI often take anomalous photos deliberately. That is, I take photos in such a way that a photographic artefact will appear which might be taken for a photo of an anomalous phenomenon. However, the photo here (right) was supposed to be a purely straightforward picture. So what is that strange transparent object dominating the upper part of the frame? Incidentally, this photo has not been edited apart from cropping.

The photo clearly shows the ground with twigs lying on it. The green section (top left) is a large branch, or possibly a tree root. The twigs in the foreground are sharp while those in the background are a little out of focus. The transparent 'object' is in the foreground. This is shown by the fact that it partly obscures some twigs that must be behind it. The 'object' is quite sharply defined so it is probably in focus itself. It consists of wispy transparent shapes and sharp lines. The most solid-looking part of the 'object' looks light brown in colour. The edge of the 'object' reaches the edge of the frame (top right). So what is this strange anomaly? Could it be a ghost?

Luckily, I know what I was trying to take a photo of at the time. It was a bird - a robin, in fact. The bird took off at the precise moment that I took the photo, resulting in motion blur. The bird might have been more recognisable were it not for the fact that I was using a rather slow shutter speed - 1/6s. Given that I never intended to take an anomalous photo, it shows just easily such photographic artefacts can arise accidentally. It also demonstrates how important it is to know all the circumstances of the taking of an anomalous photo.

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